Lee Harris
Video Game Developer
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Born and raised in the town of Northampton, England
I have always had an interest in video games.

A supportive wife and 4 daughters
drive me to doing my best, each and every day.

My gaming history includes a ZX Spectrum, C64/Amiga, GameBoys,
Nintendo DS's, Apple/Android mobile devices, a Wii, Xboxes & Playstations.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to develop video games
with the same appeal as those I grew up with.

Since discovering how Unity simplified the process a few years ago,
I've been creating games and prototypes ever since.

I love personal development and have completed thousands of hours
on sites including Udemy, PluralSight and Zenva.

Teaching and mentoring is part of my DNA. As one of the moderators for
Unity and Blender Facebook groups with 26,000+ members, I provide help on a daily basis.

My wheelhouse is Unity and related packages (including Blender) but I am also learning Python.

I love to participate in Game Jams - you can see my latest entry for a game titled Peeby And Jay
where the theme was 'Jelly' and the game had to be created in a short period of time creating all your own assets.

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