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Video Game Developer
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  • Boingimals is the second published game from Bit Gamey and is aimed at a younger audience.
  • The game is free to download and has no in-app purchases.
  • It was created from scratch and published on the Android platform.
  • Originally only farm animals were going to be used but other types were added in later for a total of 16.

  • The inspiration came from wanting to offer a casual game a game with simlpe mechanics and cute animals.
  • Who doesn't want to help on a farm...bouncing a trampoline? Nobody!.
  • I wanted a bright colour scheme including the title screen sun, inspired by Teletubbies!
  • After searching throughout the land, a fun and fitting soundtrack was found.
  • I devote a lot of time to finding a font that fits the game - I wanted cute and bouncy!
  • Although the game does contain occasional ads, they only appear after every 5 plays.
  • Fun was had trying to get the physics correct as animals initially flew all over the screen.

  • No in-app purchases will ever be added and ads will stay at 5 plays.
  • The game will always be free to download.
  • More animals might be added on request.
  • An iOS version may be published on the Apple Store.

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