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Flipping Spooks
Colour screenshot
PC Demo   -   YouTube Videos

  • Flipping Spooks is the first published PC demo from Bit Gamey.
  • The demo is free to download.
  • It was inspired by Plants vs Zombies and pinball games.
  • After initially testing a pinball plunger, I opted for a canon firing balls instead.
  • The original rectangular table was extended with a spur to accommodate the spider and multiball mode.

  • After creating a basic pinball table in Unity, there was stress testing with many 'spooks'.
  • I made sure to spend time finding what I believe is a perfect fit soundtrack.
  • A revolving skybox was added to enhance the weather system.
  • Title screens are always challenging. What better scenario than spooks flipping when they reach you.
  • The demo contains no monetization strategy, so no loot boxes or microtransactions.
  • A barrel of toxic waste you can tip over was a challenge to get working correctly.
  • The multiball function was enhanced by adding baby spiders when the spider sack is split open.

  • The 1-level demo is just the beginning. More levels and mechanics to come.
  • The game/narrative may develop more into what happens if the spooks reach the town.
  • A Steam version may be published once more levels are added.

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