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Loco Motive
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  • The town I live in has a railway track running through it. Loco Motive is based on that track.
  • What it would be like to race that train to the crossing and get across the track before the train arrived?
  • The idea developed further into the 'Motive' the car would be racing the 'Loco' - a bank heist!
  • The game will be free to download for mobile devices when published and have in-app purchases.

  • I started with Unity primitives to determine the best mechanic. Should the player move or the surroundings?
  • Originally the track was procedurally generated, but it introduced technical complications.
  • The decision was made to hand-craft each of the tracks. 1 heist, 1 track and 1 race per level.
  • Something was required to prevent the player going too fast - the engine would overheat!
  • Something was required to prevent the player going too slow - the chasing Police!
  • No ads will be used with optional in-app purchases, so download and play for free when published.

  • In-app purchases will only be used for improvements (e.g. additional cars or accessories).
  • The game will always be free to download.
  • May add a colour-picker control so the players car can be ANY colour.
  • Initial platforms will be Android and iOS.

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