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Video Game Developer
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Unity is primarily an engine for creating games but the term smartphone has always resonated with me.
Should a smartphone be deemed as such by virtue of the fact that it has more power than non-smartphones?

I believe in creating smarter devices from the apps installed on it, using native features.

My first venture was with Snapanactor using facial recognition to identify someone from an image of their face alone. The image can be captured with the camera or imported from a local image file.


The idea for my second venture is creating an app to 'read braille' through the use of Augmented Reality (A.R.).

On paper, it's feasible, however its success will depend on the accuracy of the API used, the clarity of the camera and how the character capture is implemented.

The app could be used by carers of the visually impaired including parents wanting an easy way to validate what their children are reading.

Hover over the braille sample text below to demonstrate functionality.

Braille imageTranslated braille image

I would like to see more emphasis on developers creating apps to help with disabilities, in whatever form they take.

If you have an idea for an app to help in this area that hasn't already been created, please let us know.

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