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  • In 2015, Snapanactor was the first app I developed and was App Of The Day.
  • Originally coded in Objective-C and Swift, it was an iOS exclusive premium app.
  • After becoming a top selling title, it was decided to release a new version using Unity.
  • Rewritten from the ground up in C#, the initial release will provide the original core functionality.

  • Both the old and new versions use API calls that have limited free uses.
  • The basic functionality sends an image to the API server and the closest celebrity match is returned.
  • The old version only identified single faces in an image - the new version recognizes multiple faces.
  • The old version was relatively slow - the new version runs up to 95% faster.
  • Once the celebrity is identified, another API call is made to determine their most famous roles.
  • Monetization has not yet been determined, but may include a subscription plan.

  • Subscription plans may be offered since the API provider makes per-use charges.
  • Relevant ads will only be displayed for limited-use non-subscription plans.
  • Movie trailers and other actor-related functionality will be provided via updates.
  • Initial platform will be Android, eventually rolling out to iOS.

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