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Trigger Happy
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  • If Trigger Happy looks familiar, it's supposed to - ever played Commando?
  • I wanted to create a 3D game similar to one of my favourite 2D arcade games growing up.
  • I wanted at least the first level to resemble the original arcade game with a new look.
  • The basic mechanic was relatively simple to implement, then came the interesting A.I.

  • Making the player move was standard fare. Implementing the enemy moves was more challenging.
  • Early test saw all enemies coming on at once, then they all made a conga line down the screen!
  • Eventually a system was implemented to make enemies move based on proximity and random elements.
  • Enemies die with a random range of movements and random sounds, so no 2 games will be the same.
  • Following a Cinemachine/Timeline intro, level 1 starts with a ground rush and multiple weapons.
  • Completing the first mission will have you in the air as a tail gunner bringing down planes.
  • Statistic screens display at each level end to show how successful you were.
  • Guns, dynamite, grenades, flamethrowers, tanks, zeppelins, bombers...wait, you want more?

  • Level 1 is complete, Level 2 is almost complete and Level 3 is a work-in-progress.
  • The game should launch on Steam in 2019.

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